Amazon Product: Spicing Things Up

Assignments / Monday, February 5th, 2018

The first thing I ask myself when ordering a product off Amazon was “how can i get the most use out of one product?”

Then I thought to myself “hot sauce.” What better product than hot sauce? Not just any ol’ regular hot sauce, but Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce, yeah, that’s right.

With the Zombie Apocalypse approaching, it’s time to gear up with some Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce. This product is so good you can use it to fight off zombies, and it’s edible too. YAY.

So I found the Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce useful for various reasons. Not only can I, and will I put hot sauce on EVERYTHING I eat, I can also defend myself when the zombies come after me. I can even put the hot sauce all over my body to cover myself up looking like a bloody zombie. I thought that was a creative way to keep the zombies away.

Oh and have you ever gotten hot sauce in your eye? I have, let me just say it was the WORST.

I can just squirt Zombie Hot Sauce juice into the zombies eyes and watch them shrivel and scream in pain as I sit back and take shots of my Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce. Good thing I bought a 4 pack. *takes hot sauce shot*


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