Animated Gif Cover★★★★★

Assignments / Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

For this 5 star assignment, I decided to go about a similar route to my original book cover. I chose to keep the Snowman as the cover (as well as main character), because honestly I’m still imagining a Jack Frost in this crazy book. But I imagine them on the coast by the water, so I changed the scenery so that the Snowman aka Jimmy is on the beach.

As you can see I obviously also changed the title to Jimmy and Glenn, because Jimmy is Snowman, and Crake is Glenn and I found that really interesting throughout the whole book.

If I was surviving through/during an apocalypse, I would totally change my name to something weird like Zig Zag or Zulu or something…. idk…… but only because you can and you’re living in a completely new/different world.

You can also see in the bottom right corner that I used to complete this assignment and I also used Canva to make the title page with the water background.

I originally thought it would be much more difficult, but the website I used made it extremely self explanatory and fun. They allowed me to use all differently types of media to make it, but I only used pictures because I am not quite that tech savvy juuuust yet. But I am pretty satisfied and proud of my work! I liked that I changed the title, mixed it up a bit.

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