Bucket List

Assignments / Monday, February 5th, 2018

My bucket list contains some very basic white girl bucket goals.

But here they are:

  • Swim with dolphins – dolphins are one of my favorite animals, I think they are so cute and smart. I went on a cruise when I was little and my cousin and my aunt did swimming with the dolphins as an excursion and I remember being a jealous little kid back then because I didn’t get to swim with dolphins. I am going on a cruise in May, hopefully I will be able to cross this off my bucket list!

  • Fly in hot air balloon – I would love to fly with the wind with a bird-eyes view. It’s truly breathtaking and it amazes me how calm it seems up their when you are in the balloon, because you are moving with the wind it is quiet and peaceful and I would really enjoy that.

  • Sky diving – Although I am kind of afraid of heights, I want to conquer that fear. It’s not something I am deathly afraid of, but it definitely freaks me out. When I was in middle school my friends and I would visit Abel Lake that had two massive rocks that you could jump off of, into the water. But I was always too afraid to dive. Sky diving seems more extreme and more exciting in some ways, jumping out of a plane for one. And I can see where I am landing and what the ground looks like. Where as jumping into a lake, you don’t know what your feet are hitting at the bottom of the water (yuck) Also, you have a instructor who you trust knows what they are doing, so I feel safer doing it that way as well.

  • Get in shape – this one has probably been on my bucket list the longest. let’s see how long it takes me to cross it off (lol). Growing up I was always super involved in athletics and sports. I always played soccer, I danced, I went out and did things. Now in college I embrace every moment that I can just sit, relax and literally do nothing. The hardest part for me is actually going to the gym. I enjoy eating healthy, and I love to workout once I am actually working out. It just takes so much motivation for me to get up and get changed into workout clothes. But now that I have a cruise to attend in May, it is really really time to get my butt in the gym…. like asap, like now. I really love yoga, I hope to start to yoga more consistently in the future as a goal too.


  • Learn an instrument/sing – Oh how cool is it to be musically skilled? I wish it just came natural for me. I love to sing but all my friends and family tell me no. I even asked my best friend one day about getting singing lessons in Downtown Fredericksburg, and she straight up told me, “it wasn’t a good idea” UM OUCH. Okay, I’ll admit I know I am not the best singer and it takes a lot to have a good voice. I haven’t taken a chorus class since middle school. So I guess my true bucket list goal is to learn an instrument. I think the piano is cool, and guitar is a classic. I would like to learn any instrument really just to be musically skilled even the slightest bit is super fascinating to me.

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