Assignments / Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

This is Oryx’s fake insta! Follow her and I bet she’ll follow back!

I used Cydnie from The Walking Dead because this is how I pictured Oryx in the book.

Young, beautiful, powerful, and independent.

Each picture symbolizes her character throughout the book.

The first, is the Mango, symbolizing the first chapter. For her first post, she took a pic of Snowman’s mango that apparently she snatched up from him! Sneaky little Oryx…

Second, is her with all the Crakers, since she is their guider and teacher through the apocalypse.

Third is Oryx taking a #selfie and introducing herself.

The flowers, symbolize her selling them on the side of the street, which she was forced to do before the catastrophe. So she’s not too happy that she must, but loves nature so she does appreciate a vibrant flower that smells blossoming.

The San Fran bridge, indicates for when she moved there.

And the pig, represents the Pigoons, where it all began…. and ended…..

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