Frequency 2156

Assignments / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Browsing the Frequency2156 was very interesting. It was fun clicking on random radio stations people added. I really like the way it connects us even from people in different states and countries that our dealing with The End too. I liked when people added sound effects to allow the audience to broaden their imagination. I would say that the audio is obviously the medium because it is the only way to really explore the sight. It allows the listeners to create an image of their own and build their own perception of the story and I really like that! I liked that it was different themed all over the world but I feel maybe narrowing it down to one type of apocalypse or more ways to connect with others would help the site even more.


Frequency 2156 Contribution:


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  1. I used Audacity to record myself, and then I actually just used Youtube and searched “zombie walk” and pressed play when I wanted it to be heard in the recording!

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