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Assignments / Monday, March 19th, 2018

It’s the week before spring break and here I am meeting with my group to create a radio?!?! what?!

I love working with groups and meeting new people! I didn’t think we would have an opportunity to physically meet with people in the class but it’s actually the complete opposite in ds106!

Meeting with my group was a great start to this radio assignment because we figured out a basic plan of how our show is going to go, we have three small sections where Rachel and Taylor will speak about midwives things, Morgan and I will speak about life hacks and beauty in the apocalypse, and Elizabeth will talk about medical and health things since her character is a Doctor. I feel really good about our group and I like the outline of our plan as well! We are meeting after break to record and that’s when everything will really go down!

For our second meeting our group of 5 gals met at the vocal booth with our scripts ready to record. We rented it out from 4-7pm so we had plenty of time to record edit and get the hang of the booth altogether. Morgan and I went in to the vocal booth earlier that day and checked everything out, rented a microphone and got the vocal booth training so it was all easy peasy lemon squeezy when we met altogether.

After meeting and editing and such at the vocal booth we were all done! There was a few editing here or there that our members could work on individually before Monday and I know Girls Guide to the Apocalypse will turn out wonderful!

Girls Guide to the Apocalypse gives the best tips and advice to surviving the Apocalypse the “girly” way. Tune in to ds106 radio for the awesome radio recording we created!

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