May the Fourth be THE END (Final Project)

Assignments / Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Come Fourth with Bobbi Jane

a short story written by Emily Sanborn


Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Bobbi Jane. She was tough, she was smart, and she was caring. Bobbi was just in middle school on the west coast in San Diego, when she learned that she had to fend for herself in this crazy life she lived.


When Bobbi’s parents were separated, next thing Bobbi knew it was her and her mom taking on the world just the two of them.


Bobbi lived in the suburbs as a kid. But when everything changed, her and her mom bounced around from town to town. It wasn’t hard on Bobbi when she was younger then but now she’s realized how much it has evolved her into the woman she is today.


Fast forward and now Bobbi is taking on the world alone, although her mom is still in the picture, but only on occasion. Bobbi’s been independent and finding her own source of food & shelter since growing up and starting college.


She lives by the river and spends most of her days hiding from all of her problems.


Here Bobbi Jane is now in college at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, getting smarter and smarter each day. Taking life and the college world one step at a time. Then junior year hits and then…. BAM. Shit hits the fan.


& the world literally seems to be ending. When you are just so close to the end it seems to never end.


“What is this?” Bobbi thought to herself. Is it just a dream? Or is it the REAL DEAL? Sometimes she feels like it’s only one class and it’s only affecting her peers in that same class. But then when Bobbi listens to the radio, it all seems to be spreading and she realizes it’s not just imaginary. The End of something is coming.


Bobbi is not only concerned for herself, but she’s worried what will happen to everyone she cares about. Bobbi wants to look out for everyone and wants what’s best for them too. Her family, her friends, her classmates, and even her Professors. As scared as Bobbi is she knows that she can look out for herself. And the fact that she’s not entirely alone eases the fear.


There’s evidence everywhere saying that there’s an infection that’s spreading all over the world and Bobbi is finding it difficult to trust anyone these days. Originally, her Professor has been the “leader of the pack” as the end approaches. Her name is Martha. Martha gave Bobbi and her class the weekly updates on how to keep surviving until the end. She always looked out for us the best that she could.


But after a few weeks, things got stranger and stranger…. Martha’s hat went missing. And then she had an interview with Dr. Millard Rausch… if that is his true name… and if he is even really a doctor… Everything seems so brainwashing and eerie. But Bobbi and the class just went with the flow…


After a few weeks have gone by everything seems to stay the same, do your work, and you will survive.


Then, it gets weird. Martha’s in the bunker where Bobbie and her group all meet together and what they all believe to be “safe”.. And her updates seem to be going in and out, like some type of alien or technology error is taking over the bunker and the recording computer with a weird blur and alien type noises. Each week is something new and it’s so overwhelming for poor Bobbi Jane.


Then this girl named Dr. “Nessie” comes into the picture and we’re all doomed. She asked each and every one of Bobbi and her “squad” on campus, some very odd questions.


One that stuck out to Bobbi the most was when Nessie asks about Martha. “How does she make you feel?” and then Bobbi thought to herself…. How does Martha make everyone feel? Can we trust her? It all boils down to her…. And when Nessie asked about their beef intake…. Bobbi typically stays away from red meats, but just recently on campus they had a Taco fest with all bloody beef products. They were delicious to Bobbi but the aftermath is starting to show.


After all this craziness and the end is SO close….. Bobbi Jane has pieced together all the evidence to how the end even got to be started.


It seem’s like it’s Zombies, and Plague and Aliens all in one… It starts with these strange “doctors” investigating and almost brainwashing the whole UMW community to think they are looking out for us… and THEN they deliver all these bloody beef products that are really BRAINS for Bobbi and the rest to eat. Making them sick and it’s like a plague where we all become delusional and eventually all turn into Zombies when it’s all over. These “doctors” are the Aliens and they abducted their brains and made Bobbi and her peers sick and delusional to become zombies. And it all kicks in Week 13 & 14, aka Finals Week. (finally, the end)


And then Bobbi understands it all…….The End will all be over May the fourth 2018.

And we all live happily ever after, in the summer.

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