My fav thing to do! ★★

Assignments / Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

So for this assignment, I was trying to think of hobbies I have and the truth is I am as plain as Jane gets. I used to play soccer and enjoy exercising and stuff. But college turned that all around. My favorite thing to do is do nothing when I finally get the chance (lol) or nap.. yes definitely nap.

I could of made a video of a bunch of clips of me sleeping, but Henni is just so cute. And we nap together so technically they’re the same thing right?! I know I really seem like a crazy cat lady but in all honesty I’m not he’s just so snuggly and cute. I’m more of a dog person tbh.


Check out my Youtube video of me doing my favorite thing! I used my own photos and videos, and combined them on iMovie and used iMovie’s sound effects!

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