Photography tips & PhotoblitZ!

Assignments / Monday, February 12th, 2018

Growing up I was always really into photography. Photography has been an interest of mine as long as I’ve known, I’ve had the eye to capture the perfect image in my head, now wheres the camera?

I spent a lot of time taking pictures outside my house, I really enjoy nature and enhancing it through editing and contrast.

But the truth is that I had a lot of bad luck with cameras when I was younger and scarred me forever. One time my mom had borrowed my camera, and had left it in her car over night while it rained. My moms sunroof was open and completely destroyed my camera. Another time I took my camera on vacation and took some bomb photography of Florida. On our way back browsing all the great photos I had taken, my cousin selects “delete all” and deletes every single one of my pictures from the vacation. To say I was devastated was an understatement.

And that is why I never followed through with professional photography, and now just stick to iPhone selfies.

I learned a lot from the tips though, and I really enjoyed the pictures by Nigel Harstaad and the Abandon America albums.

One thing I’ve always loved about photography is natural lighting, or contrast. I find pictures to be really vibrant when the coloring is bright and seeing all the elements of the photos. When the video and tips touch on distance, mood and perception. I found this picture to be a good example because the picture emphasizes how far the room goes back, and the mood of the picture is kind of damaging.


I also thought about the tip of the Rule of Third where to balance and focus of each corner and portion of the photo to capture the entire image that you are trying to display. In this picture the wood piece cuts directly in the middle of the image locating it in the middle grids of the rule of third.

For my photoblitz, I had a lot of fun with this assignment. These are my questions and why I chose each picture to match with each description.

For this I browsed around my room and house and used creativity to complete the tasks. The first was to take a picture of a tree that expresses soul. I chose my neighbors tree because there are many bird houses in and around the tree, I can hear the birds chirp and sing with soul all day and it is a peaceful and soulful tune.

Next I chose to use my woven wall decor to identify the perfect lines. In this picture their are vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. I chose to use Instagram filters to enhance the conrtrast!

The third pictures was one of my favorites, my house is built in the 1700’s so the front door is too old to use, so I always use my side door. When I came outside to take a picture of my front door, I noticed that I had never noticed that their is a lion knob on my front door! I’ve lived at my house for two years now and never even looked at my front door. Ashamed of myself. BUT look how cute my front door is πŸ™‚

I chose this picture of an outdoor scene because to me, it shows life but not human life. I edited this is to focus on the daisy’s and brighten up the green grass.


For this post, I combined monochrome and making a scene out a window. My cat Hendrix loves to chill on the house, and watch me watch him through the window. And black and white to complete the monochrome.

Make it green, mix it up and make it camo. (lol) for this post I chose to capture my friends laptop case, and I used filters on Instagram to make the all the colors have a greenish tint!

I really enjoyed these assignments and the tips, I will use forever in my future. This assignment makes me want to get out and find my photography passion all over again!


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