Assignments / Monday, February 12th, 2018

I hope to accomplish some of my biggest dreams, I am going to school for Communications and Digital Studies and I hope to get a successful career after graduating, one of my biggest dreams is to become super wealthy (duh) and I feel like the best way to reach that goal is to graduate and go get that shmoney!

After I get really rich, I want to travel all over the world. I am Irish, so I would really like to visit Ireland someday. I think Greece is beautiful from pictures that I’ve seen and I hope to visit on my own someday, and take some photographs of my own. You all are invited when I get really rich !

A celebrity I would like to meet is Miley Cyrus. Why? Because Hannah Montana. Just kidding, even though I did I loveee the show Hannah Montana when I was young (still do). I enjoyed it because Miley was the main actress, and not only that but I like her music, too. Miley Cyrus is known for going through some crazy phases and I honestly admire her for taking chances, and stepping out of her comfort zone. These days, Miley seems to be much calmer than her “Bangerz” days, but I think she’s beautiful and down to earth and anyone would be lucky to meet her.

Overall the biggest dream I have to achieve for the rest of my life would to be happy. Being happy is really important to me, especially for my health. Being happy to me is based on the choices you make, and the goals you set for yourself.

So when I get really rich, start to travel and finally meet Miley Cyrus… I can finally be happy. 

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