#Selfie #with #Hendrix

Assignments / Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Taking a selfie with animals? Yes.

Taking selfies with my cat? Yassss.

I chose to take a selfie with my cat Hendrix because recently he got into a big bad cat fight!

It was a beautiful 70 degree Wednesday, when Hendrix was hanging out in his favorite tree. He watched the river flow and the ground from him below.

I was inside my house doing my own thing, probably watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. When I over-hear cat screams and hissing like no other outside. I look out my side door window and see Hendrix’s little body jumping from the tree to attacking and scratching a persons face!! I had never seen Henny act such a way. I was in shock.

But who was this man that was approaching my house? I open my door and run outside to grab Hendrix and pull him off the mans face. As I look at the mans face that is when I realize that this is not a regular man. I scream and run to my house and I look around I notice all these dirty, dead, bloody people limping their way in my direction with their arms reaching out to get their hands on me.

I am surrounded by what? Zombies. Zombies are everywhere. But Hendrix is so savage he will defend and protect his master, aka me. I knew something was up when Hendrix was acting so defensive. It was a scary feeling.

But my gut was telling me to keep Hendrix outside to fight off all the zombies, I knew he was strong enough.

Watching Hendrix fight off all the zombies & attacking their faces was like watching a ninja cat bounce from body to body with no fear. That is my Henny boo.

Once Hendrix finishes his kills, he brings them to my front to door to show me his catches. Like a basic cat with a mouse, bird or rodent. But what does Hendrix bring home? Zombies.

And after all that craziness, Hendrix is only left with a temporary scar above his left eye. #savage #kitty

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