The Happy Ending

Assignments / Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Margaret May had always loved rural Oklahoma with its windy breeze and sunset open fields. It was a place where she felt sparkly and at home.

Margaret was a modest, sweet, pink lemonade drinking, 17-year-old girl who was a horse loving enthusiast. Especially to her own Appaloosa pony, Elli Mae. Elli Mae was a feisty little mare with rusty colored coat mixed with grey and white all over and her back was spotted with brown spots.

Every year in Oklahoma City, Margaret and her equestrian team compete in the World National Horse Show. Margaret’s friends would describe her as kind, caring and a generous person.

Although Margaret also had some frenemies that seemed to envy Margaret over her gracious personality.

During the big week in Oklahoma City, Margaret spends most of her time in the stables with Elli Mae. Today was the first day of competing in Western style. Tomorrow is English jumping.


On a late evening after the first round of competitions, Margaret grooms Elli Mae and prepares for tomorrow. One of Margaret’s favorite accessories to add to Elli Mae is some Twinkle Toes horse hoof polish that makes Elli Mae sparkle and stand out in the arena.


While Margaret sips on her favorite pink lemonade, she brushes Elli Mae and braids her mane. As she kneels down to check on Elli Mae’s hooves, she sets her drink on the ground next to her.


Victoria Crown, another girl on Margaret’s equestrian team walks up to Margaret standing tall with her arms crossed and nose in the air.


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Victoria asks.


Looking up surprised “Oh uh, some pink toes and pink lemonade, haha! Ready for tomorrow?” Margaret asks Victoria.


“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be just fine, I’ll be getting that blue ribbon holding that big gold trophy in the arena with Champion ribbons around Busters shoulders. I just can’t wait! Oh, not to brag Margo, but I‘ve worked so hard!” Victoria says exaggerated with arrogance.

Victoria walks away and kicks Margaret’s drink over spilling all over Elli Mae’s twinkle toes.


Margaret yells “Well break a leg!” politely as Victoria walks fast without looking back.

Margaret is frustrated but doesn’t let it get her down. Margaret knows to be the bigger person. She stays positive and competes for fun, not trophies.

The next morning, Margaret walks into the arena right behind Victoria. First is Katie and Cupcake, Margaret’s best friend, so she says, “go get em’ Kate!” across Victoria.


As Katie kicks Cupcake in gear and they begin their round, Victoria is silent and won’t speak to Margaret. Margaret can feel the tension and bad energy.


20 minutes go buy and Victoria’s turn is up. As the speaker on the radio shouts out “Victoria Crown & Buster everybody!” Victoria looks over at Margaret with a sly grin on her face and takes off on Buster.


Victoria begins her show and goes over the jumps with confidence and doing rather well. She has one jump left and it’s the highest one at 4 feet tall, will Buster make it?

Buster is running up to the jump hesitant with his ears turned back with fear and you can see the panic in Victoria and Busters face. As Buster approaches the jump he makes a dead stop just before and Victoria flies over the jump, landing on her back.

Yikes, it wasn’t looking good. You could hear the audience all go “OoOoOh” with deep concern.


Margaret jumped off of Elli Mae and ran over to Victoria asking if she was okay as the Trainers ran over, too.


Victoria looks up at Margaret and says “Margo you jinxed me!! Now I ACTUALLY BROKE A LEG!”

Margaret looks confused at first then realizes that she said that to Victoria yesterday.


“Oh no, I’m sorry!” Margaret says as the Trainers put Victoria on the stretcher and carry her away while she stresses and cries in pain.


Margaret feels terrible, as if she did jinx Victoria. But as they clear the arena and take Victoria back to the medical center, the show must go on and it’s Margaret and Elli Mae’s turn to make the jumps.


After each individual complete the jumps, we surround the middle of the area where the spokesman announces the placements. After the tense silent drumroll and points added up, 3rd place went to Katie & Cupcake! Margaret was so happy for her best friend. 2nd place went to another equestrian team. And finally, 1st place, “Margaret May & Elli May!!!!!!”


Margaret was in shock as she looked around and saw the crowd stand and applaud her.

Margaret and Elli Mae trotted to the center and received the blue ribbon and one around Elli May’s neck. It was an overwhelming experience for Margaret and all she could think about was Victoria and her leg as the judges handed Margaret the bouquet of roses and golden trophy.

After the ceremony, Margaret put Elli Mae up in her stall in the stable and gave her extra treats for the big win today. But leaving the stable Margaret decided to take her roses and trophy over the Oklahoma hospital where Victoria was staying for the night.


Margaret walked into Victoria’s room where she was watching the highlights from the show.

Victoria looks over and softly smiles and says “heey stranger what’re you doing here”

Margaret brings the trophy and flowers out from holding them behind her back and Victoria looks at her with big eyes and her jaw dropping


“you won 1st place?!” Victoria says in surprise.


Margaret says “Yep, but I’m here to give it to you, you did great out there and you deserve it”


Victoria looks in shock as Margaret hands her the items.

“No, Margo I can’t not after being so spiteful.”

“I forgive you” Margo says

“Lets be friends”  Victoria says

They both smile at each other and Margo reaches over for a hug.



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