Film Reflections and gifs

Reflections / Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Watching the La Jetee, I enjoyed the cinematography because I am also in a Cinema Studies class this semester! All the elements I have learned thus far were helpful and easy to pin point in La Jetee. It was hard to understand at first what was happening. But through each camera shot expressed movement, facial expressions, angles that made it clear to understand the storyline. I really enjoyed the pictures filter being in black and white I felt like it was and old film and I was in their setting. My favorite part of this film was the music and sound effects they played in the background throughout the film. When the music played I could tell the characters were in an intense scene or how they were feeling in the moment. The narrations were a bit distracting since I can’t understand French, but overall super interesting!


For the longer film I chose The Road to watch and safe to say I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed following the relationship with the boy and his dad. And them and very few others are surviving through a post-apocalyptic time. The entire film I was on the edge and I had so much sympathy for the love the two had for each other

For the gif assignment I made this specific clip because the ending was a tear jerker for me.

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