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Reflections / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Question of the week: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?


In this case, I would say if you can’t beat it then join it. I would hate to see everyone I love to be a zombie and I would have to sit back and watch that and even avoid them. It would disturb me. I would probably rather have one of my dear ones eat me than a random guy. We could be our own little zombie squad.


First, I decided to choose a book before looking into the article and the movie The End. After reading the excerpts and the descriptions. I decided to try a different type of apocalypse rather than what I’m comfortable with, like zombies. I have seen a few seasons of The Walking Dead, and my freshman year of college at WVU, I read World War Z. So, I would like to learn more about apocalypses overall rather than specifically only zombie apocalypse.


I chose the book Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood, because I’m intrigued by how adventurous the book seems. I like that theirs romance, because it’s add a spark and something to keep you reading. I think that post-apocalyptic is a more exciting way to try and survive. The plague seems interesting to me because it’s also a viral apocalypse that’s spread through people. I find it neat that the scientists in the book are working with nature as well and doing things they shouldn’t be, because I love nature and that will also keep me reading. I’m excited to read the book and learn more about apocalypses especially the plague and other things that affect you keep you strugglin’ to survive.


Watching The End on Netflix was quite interesting actually. I was a bit confused in the beginning when the first apocalypse was located in NYC, why was Dr. Howell trying to get a flight to NYC during an apocalypse?


After chapter of the first tragedy happened, I realized what was going on.


It was a repeat at the same place & time, just a different catastrophe. The first was the tsunami giant wave that took over New York City. Watching that thinking, wow everything is going to flood, how have the buildings not collapsed? Then I thought, what would I do if I was put in that situation. Would I have drowned? Or would I drive out of the City while I had time. And then the newsman got in the TV screen and said, “It’s bound to happen again, it’s not a matter of if, it’s when” and the screen went black with THE END spelled out, not knowing what really happens in the end. What really got me was when the movie showed the innocent dog in the car who was so happy he had no idea what was coming L truly heartbreaking.


The next apocalypse were explosions and meteors in middle east, and “90% of the meteors will hit and land on earth in 5 hours 10 miles North of Berlin” according to the newsman.


Watching the big giant rocks completely take out parts of the middle east was truly crushing.

The next one was an airport virus, like a plague. I was most interested in this one for some reason it grabbed my attention! I think that’s also why I was attracted to the Oryx & Crake book. The airport sickness was a virus you could not escape. It was so contagious that 200,000 people across the far east north America had gotten infected. It was known as the chicken flu.

Later on, there was an outbreak in Canada with over 300,000 people infected now. The newsmen advised everyone to stay inside and not to leave their homes. THE END


Another apocalypse was the TBM big bang experiment. With THE END protest. All I can think from this clip with the people protesting with signs that wrote “This is the END” around the science building as it blew up.


The Routledge article was all new information about apocalypses for me. I’ve never known much on the subject and I feel this article make me understand it on a bit of a deeper level. I found it interesting how technology has played a huge part of these “catastrophes” since transforming into a new modern world during the past two centuries. I found it interesting the new apocalypses that have evolved overtime as we have with our future.

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