Design Reflection

Reflections / Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

As I watched the two TED Talks and the Canva tutorials, I found myself really intrigued from the videos!

From the Paula Scher’s TED Talk, hers focused on how to be solemn vs. serious. I really liked Paula’s speech and her design work as well. It was interesting to listen to what she had to say about design and how anyone can do it according to design as a staircase. The most important part of he talk that influenced me was when Paula said that the best way to make design is to be totally un-qualified, which makes me feel like I can do anything especially targeted in this class. The whole point of your design art work is to “fail with it and fool with it because that’s how you grow and that’s all that matters” when Paula said that it really stuck with me because design is really just a way to express yourself and take it with you throughout your life.

From David Carson’s TED Talk, I found myself laughing out loud so many times. i found him and his designs super funny. I really enjoyed his video and what he had to say about design. He speaks about emotion of design and I would agree with him and how that is an important aspect of design. To evoke a emotional response from the audience is to engage and interact with the design and make a feeling out of it. It’s important for many different reasons and in this case it’s important so that we can understand and grasp what is really going on with the design.

From the Canva tutorials I really enjoyed. They definitely gave me a new perspective and much more information about design than I knew before. It’s really neat how to design different things wether its a poster, layout, branding etc. I never realized how much I enjoy design and Canva really made it easy for me. And I enjoyed the website and navigating through it, and playing around and making my own personal designs!

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