Final Radio Reflection

Reflections / Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Creating audio and listening to my classmate’s creations of radio was truly my favorite so far! Everybody did such a great job!!! I felt like I was listening to real radio stations!


It’s cool imagining that I’m living in an apocalypse world. Weird because I keep having dreams I’m surviving in a zombie apocalypse. But that could be my obsession with The Walking Dead but watching the series has seriously got me addicted to this class and apocalypse theme. (lol)


Creating a radio was completely new to me and I really enjoyed this overall assignment. Meeting with classmates and making friends while creating a cool radio station was a blast. Girls Guide to the Apocalypse aired on Tuesday March 20th and I hope you enjoyed as much as my group did creating it! I thought our radio was amazing and everything flowed smoothly. I thought it sounded like a real radio station.


I listened in to Monday nights radio station and it was so fascinating! I really enjoyed the music they played in between the radio dj’s calling in interviews. I really enjoyed the Dj’s voice as well, it seemed like he was a true dj and a natural. His voice was calm-cool and collected and that’s pretty much all you need for a dj! I liked each interview the dj had but especially the last one, where the aliens take over the radio and take over the apocalypse world. I really didn’t see that coming so I found that really creative! The alien voice made it all seem so legit and real. Am I really living in an apocalypse or is it just my class? It just keeps getting realer and realer.


Good Job everyone !

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