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Reflections / Monday, February 19th, 2018

I really enjoyed these two short YouTube clips of Jad Abumrad speak about radio’s and audio audiences. As a communications and digital studies major, I am used to different types of communication with people, even if it’s not face to face. I am familiar with radios and using Audacity to create podcasts and other recordings for past classes.


So engaging on a radio is much different when grabbing your audience’s attention, and I really liked the way Jad Abumrad explains that. When Abumrad says our human voice is our “engine” that really spoke to me. It’s like, how else could a person describe the story, especially through a radio? Well there is sound effects and such, which also ties into imagination! Abumrad talks about how radio is special because of what it lacks, which is pictures and videos to show you the story. But instead he “paints a picture of something but you are holding the paintbrush,” wow… so true! It connects the listeners to the speaker, if you can imagine what he is describing. Like when “the sun had the peachy-white hue” we all paint a similar picture in our heads yet slightly different. We all understand his idea but we visualize it differently because we can’t see exactly what it is he is explaining right in front of us. It makes the audience feel like he is talking to only you because you use your own imagination.


The second video talks a lot about creating a circle of connection. And how his voices job is to induce a dream state with the people. I find it interesting how Abumrad thinks overlapping noises and sound effects is ancient in a way. And how they are a great use of tools to further someone’s imagination, but he also believes you can make that sound with your voice. I find radio being a good tool especially if you are afraid to get on stage, it allows you to have that voice and confidence. There are many tools and technologies to use to create imagination without physical images and Abumrad gives us many ideas and advice on how to connect with the audience!


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