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Reflections / Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Reading How to Read a Movie written by Ebert was very intriguing! I found his rule of thumbs to be the most influential so that is what I made my video essay about mainly! I liked his article a lot, because even though I am in Intro to Cinema Studies currently at UMW, I learned even more about cinema from this article than what we are focusing on in the class! I would totally recommend this article to my professor even!

For the 4 short videos about film, I watch the first four. The first 3 videos were from vimeo, which I truly enjoy their website format and presentation. I just think it’s nice. First I watch Kubrick-One point perspective and I really liked this! It was a mashup of differnt films and fast short second clip of a camera angle that is straight on. It’s as it seems like the camera is from the same perspective level of the person or thing on the screen. I enjoyed this short minute video because there were scenes from movies I have seen and even some that I saw in my Intro to Cinema Studies class! So it’s fun to connect what I am learning in both classes!
Second, I watched another vimeo called Shining Zooms, his was interesting because it was similar to Kubricks where it was different films, but this video kept each film on the screen until the screen was full of small frames of different movies. Focusing on when there was a scene in the movie that the zoom was emphasized. And to add to the video the background ringing noise was eerie and tied all the video’s up into one as if the music matched up to the scene. Combining the zoom, the scene, and the music made up for a intense and dramatic video!

Third I watched another vimeo clip called Tarantino-from below. Where all the perspectives were from the ground almost. As if the camera was on the ground looking up at the characters. I really like this type of camera shot, it’s like you are seeing the perspective of someone below looking upwards. 

Last I watched the youtube video Examples of Editing Techniques, where they showed a clip of a different technique like jump cuts, still frame, and flash cuts, form cut and zoom track and etc. I found this nice to have an example of each in a different movie because although I also learned about this is Intro to Cinema Studies, I can now understand different types of examples too!

For the video essay I found very tedious and interesting. I loved the movie it was so intense and old fashioned. For the video essay I had trouble trying to convert my movie into an mp4 so that I could edit it down on iMovie and also add my speaking portion. I chose Night of the Living Dead because it was free on Youtube and I also thought it would be easier to convert for that reason… but I was wrong. Now I think I have like 8 viruses from trying to convert that. So that was a hassle but after I figured that out it was okay. Then I created a script of what I wanted to say and used Audacity to record my speaking, and I added it under each scene I analyzed. Combining the final piece on iMovie was enjoyable, but downloading everything is a true struggle that makes my brain ache!

I attached my essay below, check it out!



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  1. I know this can seem like a tedious process with downloading the video (yikes! viruses!), editing it, and adding the narration, but it comes off as a really nice, tight analysis. Nice work! Hopefully in the end you learned some new skills that you might use in the future, too.

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