Short Story Reflection

Reflections / Monday, February 5th, 2018

The two short stories I read were There will come soft rains by Ray Bradbury and Finis by Frank Lillie Pollock. I enjoyed these two stories and reading what different types of apocalypse can happen when you get creative.


Finis was about a giant sun/star that completely burns earth into a ball. The beginning started with a bunch on details about where the story took place, the characters and what was happening. I found myself really interested in this story, although it started out slow to me I thought the structure was well put together. The story was super intense from wondering if the sun was ever going to show up to the entire city gathering over pure curiosity. The story was exciting because after the star being three weeks late, I didn’t expect it to actually show up, and once it did, the climax began, and it truly started to get exciting and intense from there.

I found when the author used citations in the story with “following the new theorems discovered by Professor Burnside, of Princeton, and elaborated by Dr Taneka, of Tokyo, astronomers succeeded in calculating the arc of the sun’s movements through space, and its ratio to the orbit of its satellites.” Making the story seem so legit. It seems real when you bring in a credible resource even if it’s fictional or not, the claim itself was strong in the story.

I thought that the author put the perfect amount of description and the story was easy to follow overall.

There Will Come Soft Rains was super confusing. I chose the short story because I noticed when the story took place, on August 4th , 2026. This was an interesting story as it looks into the future. And August 4th is both my mom and my dad’s birthday. So, it has a special place in my heart and calendar. I found this story hard to follow but keeping track of the time helped me understand what I was reading. The story seemed to have many analogies to describe the story and to me it seemed like too much. I couldn’t figure out if it was what was actually happening in the story or describing what was going on. What I really took from the story was the mice that cleaned around the house, it made me think of what robotic things we have around our house today to clean & I thought of the Roomba vacuum.

Both stories were very different yet similar in ways I appreciated as I read along. I was fascinated by how each was structured and both stories kept me wanting to find out what happens in the end! But to me, I would prefer Finis because the story was more revolved around characters rather than a creepy house.

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