Back to School Blog #1

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Looking back on the past week, I found that I was excited to get back into the school grind. Although I enjoyed the month-long winter break, I was ready to focus more on my classes and moving closer to graduation. This semester I am taking a lot of classes more related to my major and that makes me feel really satisfied with myself. Usually, I keep my classes on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule so that I can work part-time; but this is my first semester since freshman year doing Monday through Thursday again. It seems like a lot when you are trying to balance work in between school and a social life, but I think I will manage. DS 106 is my first online class ever and I am already enjoying the structure a lot. I feel it will help me manage my time more efficiently.

This week I also made it a goal to get out and apply to some restaurants. I am a people person and love to engage with customers, so I really want to be a server and make amazing money form tips! I quit my last job just before Fall finals and winter break, so I have had a nice break from school and work, but it’s time to get back in my usual routine. I hope to hear back from the restaurants I applied at soon because I cannot wait to have my own  moneyyyyy $$$

When I think about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, I immediately think of the TV show The Walking Dead, the show is about a post-apocalyptic time where zombies begin to take over the world. I began watching the show because my older brother was super into it. I would watch the episodes with him and I have to admit, when I first started to watch the show I thought it was gross and horrific. I couldn’t stand the sounds of the zombie’s groans as they dragged themselves around, but the more I watched it the more fascinated I was by the show. I realized that I did enjoy the weird uncomfortable groans because I knew something exciting was about to happen in the scene. That’s when I started the show on Netflix from the beginning from Season 1 Episode 1. Although I did binge The Walking Dead, I randomly stopped watching it through and I am not sure why, and now I would like to pick up where I left off. Because now I am wondering where all the characters end up in THE END?

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