Final Weekly Post Summary

Weekly Posts / Sunday, April 29th, 2018

WOW. Is it true? Is it really, really THE END?

It can’t be šŸ™

After all this hard work…. it just ENDS like that????

I’m actually an emotional wreck. It may be just that it’s finals week OR it’s because #DS106 IS OVER. #ds106forlife

This week was a tough one. I’ll be honest it took me a while to even understand wtf I was supposed to do. But this is when you get your creative thinking caps on and just ROLL.

I decided that my three media’s that I used was writing, design, and video. I wrote up a short story about my character and her adventures and how Bobbi Jane cracks the mystery for The End.

Then, I created a cover for the story. I really had fun with this because I got to use Canva again. Thanks to Martha, I use it for just about anything I can find a good us to it for. A lot of time’s I am helping my boyfriend out with his business, and Canva is perfect for flyers, business cards, and SO much more!

I had to find a background that fit’s the mood and tone of the story. But also a background that matches my character. I designed it so that my Character was also on the cover. Almost like creating the Book Cover all over again. But this time it was my own “book/story” and my own cover.

Then I went to create a video of all the evidence that had been found. This was probably my favorite piece of the project. And I spent a lot of time putting it together although it seems like it wasn’t that much. I used a lot of pictures and evidence that was on ds106 website & put it into a short video to go through what we’ve been dealing with all semester. So much evidence. If you don’t know how the end happened then….. idk (I’m delusional)…. but I used iMovie to create the video and I just LOVE making videos and doing something new and different each and every time! I also had to download the song Bad Moon Rising and convert it so that I could play an apocalyptic song. And I actually enjoy that song too.

Then I used iMovie’s sound effects for the opening and ending. I chose to use alien type tunes so it’s similar to the story and everything else.

I hope you enjoy my Final as much as I enjoyed bringing it all together!



Happy Endings, everyone! I will truly miss ya’ll.

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