Week 10 Complete ☑

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Week 10 is DONE!

Week 10 was was a 10/10. Super similar to audio week but with visuals as a plus!! It was a learning process for me, and it was so fun!

Definitely had to step out of my comfort zone with the video creations but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it!

At first when I was reviewing the Week 10 rundown of assignments, I thought I would want to choose Path 2, but after reviewing Path 1’s assignments, I chose to go with Path 1!

I thought all the video assignments sounded like a challenge but a FUN challenge! My favorite by far was creating the DIY Mason Jar tutorial, it’s something I’ve done for years and it’s so simple and fun! When I saw the assignment worth 4 stars I just HAD to share! I hope everyone enjoys and finds Arts and Crafts as enjoyable as I do!

For this assignment and the video essay, I used iMovie which I’ve used a few times but each time is still a little tricky, but it gets easier and easier to navigate the more I use it! I used my Photo Booth camera on my Mac to record me and each step to the tutorial, and I added sound effects that were already on iMovie which was very convenient. After making the videos and mushing it all together I really was so happy and satisfied with the final piece! I just keep re-watching for fun!

Week 10 was all about video and I definitely learned a lot about it, and myself and my videography abilities!


QOTW: What would I like to ask the class? : WHO’S EXCITED FOR MORE VIDEO NEXT WEEK?!?!?!



Now I am so ready for what Week 11 has in store! 🙂

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