Week 3

Weekly Posts / Monday, February 5th, 2018

QOW: In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

It depends on the person I want/choose share with. If I feel you are suffering then I would want to help you, but if you rub me the wrong way- I will make it known. I only have so much material and if you are worthy of it or not, is up to me. In this time, I am in survival mode and if you deserve my supplies I will offer it to you, if not, back off. Lol. #sorrynotsorry #mine


Another week down and sheesh is time flying already! I am excited for week 4’s assignments, because I really enjoyed week 3’s! 🙂 I feel like now I am getting more comfortable and familiar with the whole apocalypse thing. But also already looking forward to spring break #whereyouat


I really enjoyed the 6-star assignments, I felt like I was able to get creative with the apocalyptic theme and be myself through each one. The first assignment was a Thank You Letter to my Mom. I liked writing this because although I appreciate my mom so much, I’ve never written a thought-out letter to her. I made this letter based on a zombie apocalypse and chose to explain my thanks for her survival tips and ways of raising me for this apocalyptic time.


The second assignment I made was my Bucket List- which I had fun with. It seemed like a basic-uncreative bucket list, but it’s truly what I hope to do in my future. All the things that I have anticipated for myself and actually writing it out made me want to check it off that much more.


I enjoyed reading and reflecting on the short stories, these stories broadened my knowledge on apocalypse and overall writing skills, especially story telling. I feel like I can look back to these for tips and help when creating my own story. I also really liked making a new ending to Finis.


I knew when the story was about a central sun/star taking over the world I was intrigued because there’s just something about space. After reading the story I imagined in my mind recreating the sun/star into a UFO shining down on the characters and went on from there to create my own ending of Finis


I really got a kick out of the Amazon Product assignment. I decided to make this assignment more fun and less serious to lighten the mood of this sad, sad apocalypse. Why I chose hot sauce? ‘CAUSE WHY NOT? I literally put hot sauce on everything I eat, so it will be very useful during this time. And many more useful ways to put my hot sauce to good work.


This week I felt more on top of things than last week, but I still feel a bit unorganized. That being said I have a DKC appointment tomorrow to get myself together. See ya in week 4!

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