One month down

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


QOW: Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not?


I definitely think you should consider gif’s as a story because not only can you describe its true storyline from the original gif, but you can also create a completely new one! I also feel you can create a story through solid picture, so why not a moving one? Sure, some stories are shorter than others and some are clever, and some are not, but the matter is that it should still be considered a story and be credited the creativity.


A month, already?


This week I felt like a crazy cat lady. I had no intentions of making all of my 6-star assignments about my cat… but I did. Once I got started I couldn’t stop, I was on a roll.



omg, someone stop me


I had so much fun with this week’s tasks. I loved the concept of creating stories through our pictures and being creative with it. I really liked the photoblitz assignment because it was 7 random pictures, so I had to get really creative. I also really enjoyed the Daily Creates this week. The more I engage with the class online the more fun I truly have with the class as a whole and my assignments. I was happy when I saw the assignment on watching films, because I love Netflix and I had never heard of The Road before. I was super intrigued by the movie. But also to study photography/cinematography in film because I am also learning about it in another one of my classes! It was fun connecting the two and understanding from a digital perspective and film. I also was never really interested in gif’s until iPhones allowed you have that as a text option through your messages, only then do I put my humor to use. But now also in DS106! Now I really like gif’s and have even learned how to create my own!


I also went to the DKC this week and got some clarification and I’m so happy I did. Everyone is so nice and helpful. and it’s just awesome that they’re my classmates, too.


My domain is coming along slowly but surely but I am really diggin’ the progress and outcome.


I hope everyone had a great first month of school! Only 3 to go J

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