Week 6 of the Apocalypse

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

This week I had SO much fun doing these weekly assignments!!!!!!!! (no sarcasm)

At first I was dreading another week of tasks, but I keep telling myself to “just get through the week” and here we are now at the last week until SPRANG BREAK!!!!

No one understands how long I have been looking forward to the end of this week. My 21st birthday is on Saturday and how convenient is it that Spring Break starts on Friday? I. Am. So. HAPPY.

But digital talk here, I really did enjoy doing all these assignments because it really showed me how much I enjoy designing and I had no idea I was good at it too!

First task I tackled was the Ted Talks and Canva and I really enjoyed those. I felt like the speakers were so down to earth and easy to listen to. They were so laid back and I relatable. Canva was super fun to navigate and I will most definitely use the site in my future for other projects. It really made me consider what is design and how do I make the design my own.

Second I did the Character Design and the Alternate Book Cover which I had a lot of fun doing, getting creative and making them humorous. I used Canva for these assignments and it made it really easy to choose a layout and roll with it. The 6 star assignments were fun too. It’s interesting that these assignments were things I would find myself doing in my free time like decorating my own character exactly the way I want her to be.

Making the Survival Camp was pretty easy, easier than I anticipated. I feel really good about our group and think we will survive this together and come out strong!

QOTW: What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

Probably my soccer team in high school, working together as a team and communicating really made all the difference to be successful. Each member contributing and others filling in where there were gaps also made it work. Miss that group.


This week I also got the chance to view my classmates domains and leave comments, it’s really fun seeing how others work and seeing the apocalypse from their perspective! Keep up the good work y’all!!!!!

I kept putting the digital blitz on the back burner this week because I thought I was going to struggle but it turned out to be my one of my favorite assignments, maybe because I was in my favorite environment (aka the mall) ? idk. But taking pictures and applying the digital principles was so fun and I actually realized there is more than one principle to each picture so that was really interesting to me!

This week I also went to the DKC again and got some tips and after every visit I feel so good about myself. And looking at my domain now I just get more and more impressed each week. I’m so glad we have people in the class that can help us reach our goal and make what I envision become reality on my domain.

The more I interact and take more time with each assignment, the more I really enjoy the class and I am having so much fun getting closer to THE END….. of this week so I can celebrate my 21st birthday and SPRANG BREAK !




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