Week Five

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

I survived week 5… woo! And 11 more days until spring break!!!! aka my 21st birthday!!!!!
This week I managed my time much better than the past. I told myself to space out these assignments so that I’m not stressing myself out by cramming. I did one assignment each day and it definitely was a relief.


First, I did the radio reflection, I really enjoyed listening to what Jad Abumrad had to say about recordings, I feel like I didn’t even have to watch the youtube clip, just listening with my ears I understood where he was coming from. Then I created my character. I had a lot of fun creating a character, at first, I had a name I was content with… but then Bobbi Jane popped and just stuck! My favorite assignment was listening to the ds106 radio, originally, I was going to listen on Wednesday, but I got lazy and procrastinated until Thursday. I had so so SO much fun live tweeting with the class. I honestly would like more assignments like this. Engaging with the class together and commenting LIVE literally made me laugh out loud. And I couldn’t stop laughing, liking and retweeting my classmate’s tweets! We have such good humor J

Friday, Friday … gotta get down on Fridayyyyyy! Start of the weekend and gave myself a day off of ds106! Celebrated the weekend and gave myself a day to relax (ahhh) I chose to save the Frequency 2156 assignment last because I had to give myself the motivation to conquer audio recording myself. But after I completed the task, I felt a lift weighted off my shoulders. Humming Away was fun, it took me a little to find a song to hum along to, that I didn’t sound terrible (Lol) This week I had a lot of fun even challenging myself with audio!

QOW: How are you feeling? Be specific.

I feel great! I occasionally get a small bug here or there, but I’ve been fighting them off pretty quickly. After a long week of midterms in other classes, I am a bit tired. As each week approaches I tell myself “I just need to get through this week” and keep on pushin on’. I feel good about my classes though, and I decided I am going to start going to the gym this week too, so hopefully I will be feeling even better after getting healthier and back in shape!

2 Replies to “Week Five”

  1. You figured out one of the secrets to success in DS106 is to spread the work out over the week. It definitely makes it feel less overwhelming when you take it piece by piece.
    The live tweeting is one of my favorite activities too. Especially in an online class where there aren’t many synchronous moments it is nice to share some time with others. Glad you are feeling good about the class and about hitting the gym!
    One thing I’ll mention is that with the lovely background photo you are using on your blog it is really hard to read the text of your posts. One way you could fix this is by doing some photo editing before you upload the image to make it more transparent or adjust the color levels so that the text on top pops out more.

    1. thank you! I’m aware of how difficult it is to read and I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the text color / or change it to a better background!! Thank you for the help & advice:))

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