week shelevan 11

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Week 11 was a pt. 2 from Week 10, and we continued Video! yay!

I really am enjoying these past few weeks, it’s helped me a lot become more comfortable creating videos and even getting creative with what to record!

I enjoyed Week 11, watching a different movie and not as many assignments as usual. It took some stress off and I could relax while getting my agenda for the week prepared. I also make a to-do list of what has to be done for ds106, and I’ve found the Weekly Checklist at the end of each week’s page very useful for that reason!

I don’t have much to say from last week but of how much I am enjoying Video and the class overall! I am really happy I chose Path 1, because it made me create even more video and try new things!

I hope that next week is as enjoyable as these past two were!

See y’all in Week 12 !

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