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Weekly Posts / Monday, March 19th, 2018

Where has the time gone?! I remember 2 weeks before Spring Break all I could think about was how close it was and how I cannot WAIT to be on break, but now…. its 2 weeks AFTER? I need the rest of the semester to fly by like this..

My week was actually really good! I hate to say it but…. I’m happy to be back in classes…. did I just say that?

As much as I enjoyed our spring break & especially how it included my 21st birthday…. and also as much as I hate school, I am actually ready to finish this semester strong and be back at UMW. I got my rest over break and even now I am still in slow-mo trying to boost back into school mode. But I am not letting down. Not until THE VERY END.

Over break I started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and I had already seen Seasons 1-3, so I picked up where I left off and omg I am SO HOOKED. It’s so bloody and savage but it’s just so GOOD!!!!! I am already so close to finishing all the seasons on Netflix and then what do I do? It’s so hard to pick my favorite character but I just really love Carol… or Michonne or even Daryl… idk. I just feel like I can’t get attached because the show is so crazy and anything can happen. Everything is just a bunch of freaking zombies. My zombie acting skills have gotten really good since watching the show (haha yes I pretend i’m a zombie)

But before break I met with my group and we brainstormed a lot of great idea’s for our radio station, and during break I took a lot of time to brainstorm and talked to Morgan about our script. After break we met and knocked out all the recordings at the vocal booth and knocked out the majority of it all.

All of our group works super well together and all contribute the same efforts. It’s important that we all participate and get along and we definitely did the two times we met together. Our characters made it fun to pretend and relate to ourselves as we speak as a character. Overall I really enjoyed this project and getting to work with classmates outside of our computer screen. It was really fun to collaborate with classmates as well as our characters and audio I feel was a great way to make our characters come to life.


QOW: If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I’ve never even thought about being a time-traveler before but that to me sounds like the best “something else” If I had the ability to help the survivors of the apocalypse or prevent it from spreading I feel like I could really do that. I love to help people and if the end really did happen somehow then I would still want to help any way I could

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