Weekly Sha Bang #12

Weekly Posts / Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Soooo this week was interesting!

Cannot BELIEVE we are so close to THE END!

Week 12 was a blast because there were such a variety to choose from, from reading my book! I loved Oryx and Crake. I’ll be honest I don’t read that much but when I do I get super invested. This book had me HOOKED. I had the book, but read along with the audio to help it go by faster. And I just kept going and going and finished in like…. 2? Maybe 3 days. #oops #sorrynotsorry

This book was so interesting, the romance was not NEARLY to what I expected, that was probably my least favorite part about it honestly. I just found that strange. I don’t wanna give out any spoilers but I think the age range just….. doesn’t really match up…. yikes. & a little provocative. But anyways;

I really liked how Snowman changed his name and his friends and even his imagination in this new world, and the flashback type things to explain how it all started.. or ended, whatever.

But the setting, the characters, the plot…. it ALL!

In the beginning of the week, when I saw that it was 12 star assignments I thought to myself…. “omg so many assignments” but it was not that bad! 5+4+3… 12. easy peasy lemon squeezy…. or shall I say MANGO squeezy.. hehehe.

I had a lot of fun getting creative with the assignments, and it was fun putting together the book, and my imagination and bringing it to life. Like with Oryx’s finsta. Creating the gif book cover was fun, too! & the quiz, I tried to make it a little simple for the peers that didn’t choose this book. But gave a good run down of the book!

QOTW: Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

This is sad, as I write up my weekly post in bed, I look to my right and all I have is a body pillow </3 I don’t know what I could do with this… pillow fight? Maybe I could stuff myself in the pillow and hide as my weapon? becoming invisible is pretty cool I guess?

Anyone else have ideas? We’re in this together remember…




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